Agriculture Biology

Kelly B.-Kunzler – Instructor & FFA Advisor

Trimester 01 & 02

Mon, Tues, Thurs 11:05 - 12:05 pm

Wednesday 12:05-1:05 pm


Course Description:

This Agricultural Biology course is a set of learning standards that all students are expected to know and be able to do upon completion of this course.  This course is designed to meet the requirement BRHS BIOLOGY credit.  I plan to use a variety of learning activities to successfully complete each objective outlined in the core curriculum.


Expected Course Results:

a)                  To complete class with a passing grade (preferably C or higher).

b)                  Acquire an understanding of Biology & FFA to pass the State Biology Sage Test above district average, usually 80% or higher, which will be included in your grade book.


Grades & Grading:

a)                  This course will be graded on a point system equaling 100% of your grade. 

b)                  Grading will be on book work, worksheets, quiz/tests, and FFA record books.

c)                  No extra credit or retakes on assignments or tests.

d)                  Late assignments -10% of the total assignment points lost each school day late.

100-94                         A

  93-90                         A-

  89-87                         B+

  86-84                         B

  83-80                         B-

  79-77                         C+

  76-74                         C

  73-70                         C-

  69-67                         D+

  66-64                         D

  63-60                         D-

  59-0                           F



Students are expected to follow the five areas outlined in the Park Valley Policy Brochure.  When a students steps outside the level of acceptance, a consultation with the instructor is required and your citizenship grade may be affected.  As the instructor, I will try to use my best judgment to be fair and direct. 

H - Honorary  

S - Satisfactory          

N - Needs improvement         

U - Unsatisfactory


It is imperative that the following areas be addressed for great class conduct.

1)                  Please raise your hand during discussion to speak.

2)         Ask permission to leave the room.

3)                  Be courteous of others space and property.

4)         Absences - more than 6 unexcused days will affect citizenship grade.

5)                  Ask family members to respect your class time.

6)         Keep class time for learning, if not for yourself then others.

7)                  Concerns/Questions - I can’t address the issue if I’m not aware of it.

8)         No cell phones out in class or claw time unless all work is completed.

9)                  Your grade is for your information, no one else needs to be informed.

10)              Keep your hands to yourself respecting “personal bubble” at all time.

11)       You will be asked once to behave.  If issues continue with your behavior, you will              be removed from my class until I visit with Mrs. Morris and your parents.

12)      Show respect to my substitute and all guests.



2021 Claw Time Expectations as posted in my classroom.


General Expectations:

  • Be respectful to others who are working

  • Work on class work that is LATE, Due, or COMING DUE

  • Work on redoing assignments

  • Get teacher’s help when needed


What can students DO?

  • Take a quick break (5 mins)

  • Check grades/attendance

  • Read a book

  • Check school email

  • Friday IVC classes - Shark Tanks, Math, Web Page

  • Use computers- (chrome books 7th/8th and desktop 9th/10th) 

  • Teachers will walk around to monitor

  • Work on homework and Math

  • FFA Record books

  • Drivers Ed Online course


What cannot be done during claw time?

  •  9th and 10th sit on hallway couch.

  • Cell phone/computer use that distracts others


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