Park Valley School

2021-22 K-2 Grades Class Disclosure

Welcome to the Park Valley K-2 grades class.

We will begin this year by learning the rules, procedures and skills that will help us function as a classroom of scholars. Our classroom is diverse because of the differing grade levels. As parents you can expect that we will do our best to meet each individual student’s needs and our class needs.


Each student will receive a monthly reading log to be filled out when she/he reads each day at home. Also, students in our class would benefit from being read aloud to by an adult or older sibling daily. It is beneficial to talk about the book or story with your child. As part of the reading time allow your child to “retell” the story.

In class, we will have daily grade level groups where students will learn skills in the five areas of reading: vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, phonemic awareness and phonics. We will be learning to use our comprehension skills in all three grades with questioning, summarizing, predicting and clarifying.


We will be stressing the three areas of learning in math: concepts (learning the why), procedures (learning the how), and fluency (applying what we learned).

At times, students may be given a math activity to do with a family member that reinforces what they are learning in class.

Writer’s Workshop

Writing will be an integral part of our school day. We will write in all subject areas. We will learn narrative, persuasive, and informational writing. The more students write the better they will become. Also, spelling and hand writing instruction and practice will take place. It is recommended students keep a daily journal of what they learned or did that day. These may be dictated if needed.

Science, Social Studies, and Health

We will be studying a variety of topics: weather, rocks, plants, animals, nutrition, social skills and maps. These subjects will be integrated into our math, reading and writing. These subjects spark the interest of young learners and teach them the art of asking questions. In our reading, we will be incorporating non-fiction to integrate the teaching of these very important subjects. In your home reading, encourage your child to choose some non-fiction books and magazines. We will be doing weekly projects in the areas of stem and the arts.


Students will need to participate in the activities we do at school to be successful. We will be engaging in some sort of physical activity regularly. If your child would like to have a pair of gym shoes in his/her backpack and change when it is time for PE that would be great. It is advisable that shorts or leggings be worn under skirts/dresses.

As a parent, you can expect that your child will be outside daily for break time and learning activities. Even in the winter, outside activity is healthy and needed. Encourage your child to dress appropriately for the weather and the activity.


I will be sending out periodically a parent/guardian email or text to keep you apprised of how your child is doing in class. I will keep your students grades current in pinnacle, which is the online grading system. The rubric score will allow you as a parent to identify areas that your student is struggling or succeeding at. The grades given will be standard-based according to the Box Elder essential learning standards (BELS) using a 1,2,3,4 system. The following gives you an insight to the meaning of each number;

1. The student does not understand the concept taught.

2. The student is almost there, not quite understanding the concept.

3. The student understands the concept and is at grade level.

4. The student is above grade level with that particular concept.

These numbers indicate your child’s ability to master a particular concept. Appropriate interventions will be implemented for students who need extra assistance to succeed in school.


We will strive to maintain a positive atmosphere in the classroom by rewarding desirable behaviors. Students can earn class dollars to use at the class store at appointed times. We may also have class parties, raffles, auctions, etc. for good class behavior.

Consequences for not following classroom rules may include: Warning, Time-Out to refocus, reteach expectation one on one with teacher, and home communication.

Classroom rules:

Listen and follow directions 1 st time given. Raise your hand and get permission before speaking and leaving your seat.

*Keep your hands, things and feet to yourself.

Respect others and school property. Be Safe.


It is important that your child is well rested and on time to school each day. However, please do not send your child to school sick. Whenever possible schedule

appointments and other necessary activities when school is not in session. Excessive absences and tardiness can be very detrimental to a student’s academic growth and success in school.

IEP/504 Plans

If your child has a IEP or 504 plan. We will ensure that his/her plan will be followed as written during school.

I am very excited to work and learn with your scholars this year. I love Park Valley

School and hope to see parents in the classroom more this year.

Briant Hall