School social workers (LCSWs) can provide you with a variety of services like:
·        Healthy life skills, healthy relationships and coping skills
·        Responsive services including crisis response, mental and emotional wellness skills, group and individual therapy.
Making an appointment is the easiest and most effective way to reach me.  I am traveling to several schools and I want to be able to be available and give you focused attention to effectively meet you and your child’s needs. I encourage parents or guardians to call the school for an appointment.

I will be in Park Valley on Tuesdays.

Disclosure Notice:
I follow the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Social Workers. This means I will keep the information you share with me confidential—unless you give me permission to share it, or unless I am required by law or school policy to share it.

Examples of when I must share a students information:
When I must consult with other professionals to better help you. When I am required to release information by a school policy, state law, and/or the code of ethics for social workers.


·        If I believe you are at risk of harming yourself or others.

·        If I believe someone is trying to hurt you.

·        If a judge orders me to provide information in court.

·        If a law is broken.


If you have any questions about these privacy rules, please let me know! Your safety and welfare are my highest priorities.